Hassan Bazzi


I'm a people-oriented engineering leader with 15+ years of experienceand a deep compassion for human beings. Experienced in buildingproducts and engineering teams in a wide variety of spectrums, andsustaining these teams overtime with a strong focus on personaldevelopment and coaching. My leadership style focuses on empathy andcompassion and sits on a decade of being a senior engineer myself.

Expert in React(Native), GraphQL, and server / user land performance.

My latest focus has been on helping others figure out their dreams.

Kitab Sawti


Responsible for strategy, development, architecture, and organizational needs. Building a kick-ass happy and fullfilled remote team.

Coaching Without Borders

Founder, Fullfillment Coach

Helping individuals live a fullfilling life centered around passion, happiness, clarity, and gratitude

Mobile Bank - Danske Bank

Senior Architect

Helped set and execute on Danske Bank's mobile bank arcitecture.

Baldr App - Danske Bank

Senior Fullstack Developer

Developed Baldr's React Native app and multiple microservices in Golang, Dotnet, and Node, along with extensive dev ops work.

Hilton Hotels

Senior Web and Performance Architect

Architected Hilton's web presence to prioritize PWA development and world-wide accessibility.


Lead Front-end Engineer

Built features and led a front-end performance transformation


Director of Web

Led all web initiatives ranging including a performant PWA, SEO, chat bots, and internationalization.


Lead Software Engineer

worked on the development of various social networking features, performance boosts, and training junior engineers.

Jetson Systems

Lead Software Engineer

led all efforts to build various dashboards that presented property, financial, and personal data.


Core team

Mostly contributing to Preact CLI, a build tool that brings all best practices with zero config. Also contributed to core Preact.