Hassan Bazzi

People Person · Entrepreneur · Software Engineer

I'm a people-oriented engineer and leader with 2 decades of development and leadership experience. I love to build products that matter and engineering teams that can do a lot with a little.

My leadership style focuses on empathy and compassion while being a hands-on developer myself. Passionate about creating environments where individuals can do their best work and embrace their self-expression.

I also love to write.

Work History
  • Building the first websites in South Lebanon

  • Helped various marketing agencies on building websites and applications with a focus on performance and UX.

  • Built fancy dashboards that presented property, financial, and personal data.

  • Led development of various social networking features, performance work, and developing junior engineers.

  • Used the latest in web and video streaming technologies while scaling with Kubernetes.

  • Built features and led a frontend performance-focused transformation.

  • Helped Hilton move into a green-field setup with the latest technologies.

  • Built apps, teams, and processes that moved Danske Bank from a slow big bank to an innovator.

  • Built a team and platform that took over the Arabic audiobook world and was eventually acquired.

  • Building the smartest mental health companion on the planet.

  • Building the most powerful and human-like AI assistant on the planet.

  • Building GraphQL at scale at Marriott